21st,December , 2018

Benefits of BOAST Groupware


Groupware is software that is designed to facilitate collective working by a number of different users. There are a variety of programs that you can use for groupware. These include scheduling, email, task management, chats, newsgroups, project collaboration, shared phonebooks, and shared contacts. Groupware makes it easy for teams to communicate on projects. Learn about some of the benefits of groupware below.


Groupware allows you be efficient on the time you put into certain aspects of what you are trying to accomplish. It allows you to communicate with other people you are working with and gives you access to all the information relevant to the task at hand.


Structure is closely related to efficiency as you will be more efficient when you have a structure in place. When you have a structure in place, it will give every member of your team what is expected of them. You will also be able to see the other team members’s task so you will know what you can talk to your team about.

Collaboration & Creativity

When you work with team members, you can collaborate ideas and this is where the creativity juices start to flow. Groupware allows you to take ideas and build off one another’s ideas. With open communication each member of the team can share their idea and you can talk through whatever your goals are.

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