21st,December , 2018

Best Groupware Features for Business Efficiency


Groupware is software that is designed to facilitate collective working by a number of different users. There are a variety of programs that you can use for groupware including many that can help increase your business’s communication, project management, and overall efficiencies. These features include scheduling, email, task management, chats, newsgroups, project collaboration, shared phonebooks, and shared contacts. Groupware makes it easy for teams to communicate on projects.

Logging—Keep track of what tasks need to be done and what is completed

Communication—Communicate directly with your team through messaging and group chats

Interactive work—polls, real-time file editing, shared task management

Coordinated workflows—processes managed by the groupware that handle approvals, reviews, proofreading as well as support for project-management processes

Enterprise knowledge management— group bookmarks, shared passwords

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