21st,December , 2018

How Groupware Can Benefit Your Business


Group collaboration is something that has been used in both educational learning and of course businesses. Transparent, easy and effective collaboration takes place between members, allowing a project or an assignment to be easily shared and accessed by its members. Many times users aren’t necessarily in the same room, the same city, or even the same country; this means that there needs to be ways so that the group can continue to work together. This is where groupware can be incredibly beneficial for your business.

Groupware allows both on-site workers and remotely located employees to work with each other through one, easy to use cloud-based software application. BOAST Groupware provides many benefits for businesses, including:

  • Authentication and logging—standard ways of accessing the groupware, logs of who does what, records that meet legal discovery requirements
  • Communication—chat tools, threaded discussion groups, private mailboxes
  • Interactive work—polls, real-time file editing, shared task management
  • Discoverability—central storage of files and information assets supported by a robust searching tool
  • Coordinated workflows—processes managed by the groupware that handle approvals, reviews, proofreading, etc., as well as support for project-management processes
  • Enterprise knowledge management—internal wikis, protected reference documents, group bookmarks, shared password repositories, version-control histories
  • Social engagement and reputation management—user groups, profile badges, profile customization by users, gamification through user levels and user-engagement contests

It’s not just large-company employees who benefit from using groupware. For entrepreneurs and freelancers, these tools enable easy file sharing, collaboration, and communication over projects with remote clients, all from the comfort of the home office.

Different groupware solutions support different features. Most groupware environments do not offer all the features listed above, but many offer a subset in different combinations. One challenge in selecting the right groupware solution for a given business need lies in balancing the features each potential platform offers relative to the needs of the organization.

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