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Developed specifically for growing organizations in mind BOAST Groupware is the single business tool you’ve been missing. Easy-to-use, automated and intelligent – BOAST Groupware gives you instant access to sales, projects, customer service, collaboration tools and more, in the cloud.


Effortlessly create, cultivate & nurture professional client relationships. BOAST Groupware connects seamlessly into your client work so you can build on your sales efforts and convert quotes into projects and track delivery with ease.


No two projects are the same – and any time a client is involved in a project plans change. BOAST Groupware manages your projects against budgets, schedules & resources in real time without creating mountains of work.


Now you can deliver consistent, streamlined and profitable client service, easily. BOAST Groupware offers the most complete and flexible business management software for professionals who are serious about getting paid for high-level client service.

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