Invested in a software platform that is too complicated to use?

Manage the Entire Sales Process in One Platform
Keep in front of leads with a single configured dashboard  featuring lead and pipeline management, and more.
Convert More Leads to Customers
An efficient platform designed to support your entire team's productivity.
Secure and Organize Vital Documents and Data
Via a cloud-based platform, you can track expenses, send files, and share invoices easily.




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Helping You Connect The Dots

BOAST documents customer information, appointments and interactions and allows you to share this information throughout your organization in one system. By tracking deals from prospecting, nurturing, negotiating to signing, transitioning throughout different phases of the buy cycle is seamless, resulting in a higher closing rate.

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24/7 Cloud-Based Security You Can Rely On

The easy-to-use, automated and intelligent platform runs on a single cloud-based platform, giving sales teams access to their entire business operations software—from any location. The cloud-based platform ensures continuous operations with reliable 24/7 access to vital sales documents. One sign-on, one password, one tool.


Competitive Cost Savings You Can See

A typical mid-size organization utilizes at least 18 different tools, ranging from collaboration, communication, data management to customer management. A 10-person sales team that uses some of the most popular apps in their sales stack could save $10,800 a year by switching to BOAST's innovative platform.

Fuel Growth With An Integrated, Personally Configured Platform

Instead of heavy data entry and multiple software programs, the next-level business operations platform is configured into a sales funnel to accommodate your actual workflow—you’ll no longer waste valuable time opening dozens of confusing apps. By streamlining processes you improve company-wide productivity, increase customer acquisition, and incur significant IT cost savings.

When I left a $4 billion company for a $20 million company, I assumed that I would be using [simple spreadsheets] again. But BOAST gives us everything that we need. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. Basically, I’ve traded all the features that I never used from well-known software companies for next-level functionality that is unmatched at this price point.

Dan Vaagen
VP, Finance and Operations
, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals

"With all that we are doing with sales data, the cost is so low it's obscene—based on what I used to spend. I’m saving hundreds of thousands a year. I was amazed that we can compete with much bigger companies. It’s silly that we have the same capabilities as a company 10 times our size."

Dan Vaagen
VP, Finance and Operations
, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals

Our video showcases our sales related modules, but our revolutionary groupware comes with much more!