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Sales Team

BOAST has the broadest sales tool kit in the market today. Manage your contacts across your business, engage prospects and clients with Conf for meetings and presentations, house your sales materials in Docs, manage your opportunities in Opps and use Expense to reimburse your team’s expenses.

Account Management

The BOAST account management tools are all you’ll need to manage your accounts and account assets. Store account materials in Docs, engage using Conf and track time and activities in Tracker. BOAST Account Management tools will help your Account Managers perform to their full potential.

Project Management

Project managers need to be connected across an organization to be most effective. BOAST has the widest array of truly interconnected tools to enable maximum collaboration. With everyone using the same platform, visibility across functions is seamless, work gets done more efficiently and success is the end result.

Technical Team

Technology moves fast and your technical teams move even faster. The old days of MS Project are gone, development is quick and agile. BOAST provides interconnectivity within your organization and allows for projects to be quickly planned, resources allocated and effort tracked effectively.

Human Resources

BOAST provides tools for your HR team that wrap around your HR centric application. Execute and track your training, house training materials, capture employees time and vacations and route documents through your organization for approval… all in one platform.

Finance Team

Arm your finance team with the tools they need, house contracts and legal documents, manage expenses, track time and effort and have visibility into the sales opportunities and pipeline.

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