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Any place, any time, any device! Take BOAST on the move with you with our handy app.

BOAST App – at your fingertips and on the move BOAST supports you every step of the way!


Create organizations and assign account owners. Maintain contacts, within organizations, across your company with the unique ability to create contact access profiles such as public, shared or private. Log contact activities and notes.


Enter expenses, track current expense report status and view prior reports. Also includes iPad and iPhone camera functionality to easily capture receipts. Automatically creates output files for payment processing.


Manage your sales opportunities throughout the sales cycle, make simple one-click updates, view a user friendly dashboard by sales stages.


Task management module to help you stay organized and manage your day-to-day. Capture and organize tasks the moment they pop into your head. Remember deadlines with reminders and due dates. Stay organized from your phone/tablet.

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Our app gives you the simple access you need to manage your projects, see your daily activities, monitor team progress, sales, expenses, timekeeping, and much more.

BOAST is built to transform the way we work by collecting every aspect of your business into a single, easy to use platform.

BOAST allows you to focus on the work you love without the annoyance of multiple applications, extensions, or integrations.

BOAST Groupware is a breakthrough in the world of SaaS for smaller and medium sized businesses.

On the Go!

Anywhere and on any device.


Straight forward easy to use interface.

All in One

Replace your paid apps with one easy-to-use platform and the BOAST app.


Save up to 87% on your current software expenditures.

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