BOAST has simply eliminated all the noise in Salesforce, BOAST does what you need. I can see the deals that I have and when they need to close, which is most important. Configuration of salesforce is the biggest problem, you need a full-time person to manage everything – even for a small company. The switch from Salesforce to BOAST has helped us realize significant savings on cost and time savings through faster employee onboarding.
With BOAST, I’ve traded all the features that I never used from well-known software companies for next-level functionality that is unmatched at this price point.
When I left a $4 billion company for a $20 million company, I assumed that I would be using spreadsheets again. But BOAST gives us everything that we need. It’s simple, yet sophisticated.
Thank you for your help and may I say, very impressed with the expedient resolution. I feel like everywhere I try, no one is responding in a timely fashion as of late (excluding companies with staff hindered by the current pandemic) and your immediate turn around says a lot of you and your company's customer support.
You had us up and running in 24 hours with the system configured to our needs, amazing!
We hand our new employees the keys and tell them to get going, It’s so simplified and efficient; 30 minutes of training is more than enough.
The BOAST team is extremely helpful and responsive, I don’t need an internal admin to run the system, the ongoing support is exceptional.
Having all the tools in one place really makes my team very efficient and definitely more productive.
I saved over $100,000 by moving my reports from a popular reporting tool to BOAST.
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