BOAST is a highly customizable and flexible platform which conforms to your business operations and processes in a seamless manner.

We understand the SMB space like no one else, our solution manages all the critical elements of your business operations in a simple and streamlined fashion. We enable your teams to collaborate effectively, track every interaction with your customers across all employees, manage projects and in the end ensure your customers are 100% satisfied.

Leverage our Sales Team Productivity Tool Kit to drive more sales: CRM, Sales Opportunity Management, Online Meetings, Expenses and Reminders at a fraction of the cost of a collection of individual solutions – customers have saved up to 87% by moving to BOAST.

Keep customer deliverables and important initiatives on track with “Tracker” Project Management:

  • Create projects, activities, tasks and track time
  • Leverage management reports to assess project status
  • Produce “one click” client ready workstream PDF reports
  • Determine your customer and project profitability to increase margins

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