Consulting Firms

BOAST is a highly customizable and flexible platform which conforms to your business operations and processes in a seamless manner.

Large or small, we know it’s not easy to track all of your interactions with sales prospects, manage complex sales opportunities, report progress of your projects and share critical information in a collaborative fashion with customers. We do this all in one solution for you with one log on at a savings of over 50% compared to a bunch of individual applications.

Deliver on time and track effort with “Tracker” Project Management:

  • Create projects, activities, tasks
  • Estimate effort and track time to produce profitability reports
  • Leverage management reports to assess project status
  • Produce “one click” client ready workstream PDF reports

Record every interaction with your clients in “Conexion” – contact management: all touchpoints, across all of your employees, are visible in our one of a kind customer timeline.

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