Law Firms

BOAST is a highly customizable and flexible platform which conforms to your business operations and processes in a seamless manner.

Law Firms – We make technology your competitive advantage, creating efficiency to manage more cases as well as storing and selectively sharing version controlled critical documents. We are your wrap around solution for everything that’s not your legal research service. Cut your software costs by 50% and decrease wasted time on admin tasks by 25% so you can bill more hours.

Utilize “Tracker” to manage your cases and estimate effort and track the time of all contributing team members for each case or matter. Link this directly to your billing system for automated invoice processing. You will love the one click management reports to see all activities for a client or case.

Our expense module streamlines the expense process saving countless hours preparing reports and keeps organized, electronic records for future reference.

Leverage “Conexion” to capture every interactions with your clients in a unique timeline view for the team.

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